10 Biggest Lies a Bank Will Tell You and What to Watch Out For


10 Biggest Lies a Bank Will Tell You and What to Watch Out For

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Do you really trust your bank? If you clicked on this article, then you might be one of the millions of Americans that don’t think banks have their best interests at heart, and we’re sorry to say that you are right. Though we do have to trust banks with our money that doesn’t mean that they’re not businesses.

And what do businesses do? Watch out for their bottom lines, plain and simple. A recent survey revealed that 57% of customers trust their financial institutions, but only 33% said they believe their banks will offer them unbiased advice. Considering how important banks are to our daily lives, that statistic is shockingly low.

Over the past couple of decades, banks have done a number of shady things that average consumers would find worrisome. Today, we decided to unravel some of the things these institutions have done that have helped shatter public trust in addition to outright lies that you should look out for.

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