15 Surprising Credit Cards Facts That Will Shock You 


15 Surprising Credit Cards Facts That Will Shock You 

Woman glaring at three credit cards.
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Credit cards have basically taken over our lives. They are everywhere, they’re here to stay and it’s almost as if they’ve taken over every corner of our lives. And I’m not saying that to sound hyperbolic. 

Take 2012, for example, when two-thirds of personal sales were made with credit cards. That sum came up to $2.48 trillion. On the other hand, only 27% of transactions were made in cash. If anything, this is proof enough that the plastic is definitely not a fad, but more on that later! 

Here are 20 surprising facts about credit cards, from their inception to exactly how much they impact our daily lives, as well as a bit of trivia sprinkled in between. 

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