6 Yummiest Gigs for Food Lovers


6 Yummiest Gigs for Food Lovers

Have you got too much time to spare and not enough money in the bank? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. While hundreds of Americans are looking for ways to decrease spending and increase savings, we’re here to give you an alternative! Why not take up a side job? 

The extra money you earn could help you declutter your finances, make you feel more productive and increase your overall feelings of empowerment. No job is too big or too small and every little helps. So do try to keep an open mind. 

If you’re a food lover and if you consider spending time in the kitchen relaxing, look no further than our list. One of our ideas could turn into a very lucrative and successful side business. 

1. Catering

When we think of catering we usually imagine big businesses with tens of employees and cooks ready to dish out meals at the drop of a hat. And while it’s true that these businesses require a lot of time and resources, it doesn’t mean you have to. 

Think small and work your way up. Advertise through family, friends and social media. The best thing about food is that it provides a fantastic experience and if your cooking is top-notch, people will be raving about it for days! 

The more styles of foods you can bring to the table (pun intended), the faster your reputation will grow. 

2. Knife Sharpening

Cook sharpening knives with food and vegetables on the kitchen counter.
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Any cook worth his salt knows his way around a knife. Being skilled in the kitchen comes with responsibilities beyond preparing amazing foods, you also need to take great care of your tools. 

Knife Sharpening is a skill not many people have and let’s be honest, sharpening services aren’t as popular as they once were. The first place people are going to look for them is online, so take advantage of any platform you can. 

Good tools are memorable too. We’re willing to bet people won’t go back to dull knives once they see what they’ve missed out on, so you can count on a lot of return customers. 

3. Baking for Events

Who doesn’t love baking? Cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and muffins are a must for any event, be it small or large. You can always start creating a client base around your neighborhood, then expand through your local school or community hubs. 

To a lot of Americans, there’s something very personal around baking. Use that to your advantage and talk up your home-baked goods anywhere and everywhere you can. 

4. Meal Prepping 

Containers with fresh food, cut vegetables and meat.
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Meal prepping is all the rage nowadays. People are too busy or tired to cook full meals every day. Hectic lives can make it difficult to focus on having a good diet, but that’s where you come in!

The first step, after meeting your clients, is to find out their likes and dislikes. Think up some menus that fir their needs and your own time table, then devise a weekly shopping list. Then it’s down to a lot of cutting, batch cooking, assembly or pre-cooking. There are plenty of strategies you can use, and it’s all up to your menu and clients, so don’t get hung up on the details. 

Oh, and another thing, the internet loves meal prepping, so snap a few pictures of your achievements and share them. Then, watch as people and potential clients start coming in. 

5. Personal Chef

Being a personal chef entrails more than meal prepping. Not only are you going to handle the menu ideas, shopping and prepping, but you’re going to cook everything up too. This is a step above our previous idea and it could be a little more difficult to get it off the ground, but with the right amount of passion and perseverance, anything is possible. 

Showing off detailed, intricate meals will put you a step ahead of the competition too. 

Man having fun while showing baking process on camera.
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6. Youtube

Speaking of social media, have you thought of showcasing your skills online? Prop up a camera or even your phone and start filming yourself as you start cooking. Simple recipes, as well as intricate cake designs, garner a lot of views. 

We recommend watching a few dedicated youtube channels for inspiration, tactics and the best camera angles. There’s no reason for you to not make money for doing something you already love doing. Lights, camera, action!

So, which one of these are you going to pick up? Do you have any other ideas you want to share with us? Comment down below and inspire others too!

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