Companies Boycotted By Trumpists For Stupid Reasons


Companies Boycotted By Trumpists For Stupid Reasons

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  • Nike – Remember when Nike teamed up with Colin Kaepernick, the face of NFL protests,  for the “Just Do It” campaign in September 2018? The ads read “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” Trump thought it would be appropriate to punish NFL players who took a knee, and his supporters obviously followed suit. Hours after the initial post, the world found out that trumpists were boycotting Nike products. A tweet from account @FL4TRUMPDOTCOM posted a video of Nike shoes on fire, with the caption “Any Questions? #BoycottNike”.
  • Nordstrom – Nordstrom dropped Ivanka Trump’s clothing line in February 2017, and they specifically explained why, mentioning it was because of poor sales performance. Moreover, a spokeswoman for the company told to a CNN reporter: “Over the past year, and particularly in the last half of 2016, sales of the brand have steadily declined to the point where it didn’t make good business sense for us to continue with the line for now.” But after that, Trump tweeted how unfairly his daughter was treated, so Trumpies decided to boycott the company.
  • Starbucks – When Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced the company decided to hire 10,000 immigrant employees, Trump-lovers lost their minds. They started imagining all the domestic terror that was about to happen with the companies freshly brewed coffee. Anyway, jokes on them: every time Starbucks had been the target of a boycott, their stock value has gone up.

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