Companies Boycotted By Trumpists For Stupid Reasons


Companies Boycotted By Trumpists For Stupid Reasons

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  • Netflix – On the day Netflix released the trailer for “Dear White People” (a satirical show about African American life at an Ivy League college), a snowflake Trump supporter announced that he/she’s going to cancel their Netflix account. The explanation? The trailer for the new show promoted “white genocide”. But because even bad publicity is still publicity, the show’s trailer became the most-viewed teaser announcement ever for Netflix’s series. Boo-hoo!
  • Pepsi – At some point, multiple fake news sites promoted a story that showed how Pepsico CEO Indra Nooyi told Trump fans to “take their business elsewhere”. Naturally, they freaked out and tried to boycott the company. The thing is, Nooyi never said anything negative about Trump, besides questioning his campaign rhetoric.
  • Anheuser-Busch – After teasing their “Born the Hard Way” commercial that aired during Super Bowl LI, Trump supporters obviously got very mad. And just like that, as if it had to be scheduled or something, trumpers decided to boycott Anheuser-Busch as well.
  • Nabisco – It doesn’t matter what political preferences you have, this shouldn’t stand in your way of eating Oreos! But as Trump believed, it should.
  • Macy’s – In 2015, Macy’s made an announcement that it was getting rid of Trump’s clothing line after Trump said that Mexicans are bringing drugs and crime into the country. Obviously, Trump supporters decided to boycott the company, and in a strange turn of events, those who voted against Trump boycotted as well the company, after realizing that the store was still selling a line of Ivanka Trump’s clothing. Someone got caught in the middle!
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