What is Phishing and How Do You Prevent it?

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What is Phishing and How Do You Prevent it?

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If you’ve spent enough time on the internet up until now, you’ve probably been in contact with a phishing attempt. Phishing is a cybercrime in which the target is contacted via e-mail by a hacking system that pretends to be a legitimate institution.

The purpose of this is to lure individuals in giving their personal data, such as banking and card information, or passwords. This way, the hacker manages to steal your data, uses it to enter personal accounts and steal your money or your identity.

The first phishing lawsuit dates back to 2014 against a Californian teenager. He managed to create an imitation of the website “America Online” where he stole private information from its users to access their credit cards. But this is not the only famous example of phishing.

One of the most significant cyberattacks happened in 2016 when a group of Russian hackers set their target on Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta. He received an e-mail from a suspicious source that warned him someone has his password and that he needed to change it immediately.

Even Clinton campaign’s own computer help desk believed the e-mail was sent from Google, although the link had a suspicious “googlemail.com” extension.

These phishing methods are specifically tailored for human curiosity and wish for luck. Let’s see how you can recognize and avoid them while surfing on the internet.

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