12 Best and Worst Things to Ask During a Job Interview


12 Best and Worst Things to Ask During a Job Interview

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Oh, job hunting! Something that every generation can relate to. Granted, job hunting has changed significantly over the years, but the idea as a whole has remained unchanged. A hopeful individual sits down with an interviewer for a nice conversation with an employer about the job, their skills, requirements, and more.

On paper, it doesn’t sound too bad. In reality, it could be a highly stressful process that could make you say or do things that will immediately disqualify you from the race.

The first step comes way before the actual interview. You need to do some research on the company so that you won’t look like a fish out of water. Check out their website and their products or clients. Visit Glassdoor for more insights on what working there would be like. Plenty of people post reviews and information about the interview process that could help you out.

Next on the list is showing up and making a great first impression. In order to do that you have to also ask questions in return. After all, this is a two-way process. But watch out, some questions could be seen as unprofessional and could make an interviewer internally cringe.

Today, let’s look at 12 questions you should and shouldn’t ask during interviews! Ready? Click NEXT!

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