15 Weird Ways You Can Make Money (Legally)


15 Weird Ways You Can Make Money (Legally)

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We believe all of us at a certain point in our lives wondered how to make some money really fast. If you never did – 1. we congratulate you; 2- you probably won’t need this article, but you’ll surely love these tips from millionaires that work for everyone.

Back to daydreaming: if you ever wondered how to get some cash really quick and legally, we might have some options for you. After some intense research, we found out there are many jobs that can be done to get fast money, although some might be on the strange side. If you want to find out more, here’s a list of 15 unusual ways to make money without feeling the long arm of the law.

  • Earn money as a living statue – There are companies like Rhode Island’s Ten31 Production that hire artists to work as living statues for different events.
  • Get money for your holiday snapshots – This job doesn’t require as much talent as you might think, just a camera with a decent resolution and some good stories to tell. You can upload the pictures online, and get cash from royalty fees anytime someone downloads them.
  • You can be a life model for students – If you have in mind that you have to be a supermodel for this job, you don’t. There are many art schools that are happy to hire all sizes people for their anatomy courses.
  • You can sell your hair – If you go on Gumtree, you’ll see plenty of wigmakers who would pay good money for your hair.
  • You can make a camping spot out of your back garden – Maybe you live in a rural area or an area that’s close to the seaside, and if that’s the case, we have the solution for you. You can rent your backyard to some enthusiastic campers that would love to camp for a couple of days in your garden. If you don’t know where to find them, just make an account on Airbnb.
  • Sign up on Fiver – The American site Fiverr.com helps you earn some cash by selling your special skills to the public. There are people looking for artists, singers, actors, cartoonists and so on.
  • Sell breast milk – There are sites such as Only the Breast that works basically as a platform for selling milk. The price range can vary from $1 to $2 an ounce.
  • Become a guide for tourists – If you like the town you’re currently living in and you know pretty much everything about it, you can become a tour guide with Vayable.
  • Sell your trees – And not only your tree. This is the perfect job for plant lovers – you can actually sell your plants and trees online now to plants enthusiasts.
  • Refer a friend that’s perfect for the job – There’s a site called Refermehappy that you can earn cash by referring your amazing friend to a job.
  • Answer to a bunch of weird text messages – ChaCha is a platform that allows people to ask any question, and if you offer to answer back, they will pay you.
  • Play video games – There are games that give you money if you play them, like Golden Tee. Its players can make a living through the video game, thanks to its reward system called Golden Tee Live payouts.
  • You can rent out your parking space – If you have a private parking space that is lying empty, don’t hesitate to rent it for people that would kill for one(well, not literally).
  • Get money from reviewing music – Slicethepie is a great place where you can review tracks for cash. Although you won’t be making a lot of money at first, if you grow your profile, you can earn some more.
  • Earn money as a mystery shopper – Do you know how many people are looking to hire people to evaluate customer service at their store? Not only you can make some extra cash, but you also get snack budgets (how cool is that?)

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