Do You Plan on Retiring Early? Here Are 10 Affordable Cities That May Be Perfect for You!


Do You Plan on Retiring Early? Here Are 10 Affordable Cities That May Be Perfect for You!

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The FIRE movement is gaining more and more traction amongst American households. That’s the “Financial Independence Retire Early” movement, for the uninitiated few. More and more people are trying to find ways to retire early, even though less than 1% of workers retire before 50. Still, we could see a substantial change in trends in the near future!

COVID-19 has also pushed a lot of seniors into early retirement, so perhaps it’s time to talk about how to make those savings last.

After all, the less you work the less money you’ll have in the bank, and stretching your budget for decades is a daunting task that you’ll need to master. There are a great number of things you have to consider such as medical costs, the cost of living, and how to budget for your favorite activities without breaking the bank.

A good place to start is to reconsider where you’re going to spend your retirement. Depending on where you live, you could slash your costs by thousands of dollars. That’s why today we’ve decided to cover 10 of the most affordable cities for an early retirement.

In order to offer you the best picks in the U.S. we’ve considered housing costs, income taxes, health insurance costs, crime rates, the cost of living, the unemployment rate, and medical facilities!

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