Don’t Give (or Take) This Old-school Career Advice!


Don’t Give (or Take) This Old-school Career Advice!

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Have you ever stopped to consider how the landscape of jobs and careers have changed over the past decades? Sure, now everyone’s talking about minimum wage, benefits and unemployment, but those aren’t the only shifts we’ve seen.

Nowadays, if a young person who is just starting out is asking for advice from the older generation, they might be met with confusing advice- advice so strange that it sounds like it’s coming out of a mysterious rule book from way back in the past. The truth is, however, that for most older people, this advice actually worked!

But just because it worked years ago doesn’t mean anyone should apply it today. Consider this, for example. Because of the pandemic, many companies are shifting towards full time remote work. That means that from the interview stages all the way into someone’s career, things are no longer working the way they used to.

So, let’s break down some of this old-school career advice you should stop giving or receiving!

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