Worried About the Future? Here Are 15 Jobs That Will Disappear in the U.S.


Worried About the Future? Here Are 15 Jobs That Will Disappear in the U.S.

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How secure do you feel about your job? Do you think there’s even a small chance you might lose it in the near future due to high competitiveness in the workspace? Do you think there’s absolutely no way you could ever be replaced?

But what about those jobs which are in danger of flat-out disappearing? This has been an ongoing issue for many households since the industrial revolution when workers in factories lost their jobs by the thousands. We tend to think of those times as firmly rooted in the past, but the truth is people still struggle with the same issue today… Way more than you might think!

Though it is estimated that by 2026 the average job in America will expand it’s workforce by 7%, not all industries share the same trajectory. Between 2016 and 2026, 17% of the 818 occupations tracked by the Bureau of Labor Statistics will lose workers. For example, it’s expected that plastic and metal machine workers will drop by 9%. Even so… a lot of only 9% isn’t as bad as what other professions will go through.

Are you ready to find out which jobs will disappear in the near future? Strap yourself in and click NEXT, you might not expect some of these!

15. Hand-grinding and Polishing Workers

Looking to polish plastic, metal, stone, wood, clay, or even glass objects? Then you have to look for a hand-grinding and polishing worker who uses hand-held power tools to get the job done.

But, with a median annual wage of $29,550 and a projected job growth of -20% through 2026, it’s no wonder this profession is slowly disappearing.

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  1. Raymond Mitchell

    Others? Jobs heading towards obsolescence or near obsolescence:
    Taxi drivers and package delivery person, truck drivers, jet fighter pilot (in cockpit), cash register workers, communication cable companies, third party automotive parts suppliers (vehicle drivetrains will be sealed and professionally maintained), traffic cops, military combat soldier, professional advisors to leaders, such as presidents and CEOs. (task will be given to artificial intelligence), car dealerships (because of cost and strict government control for autonomous vehicles it may be cheaper to lease or convenient to call for a taxi).

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