Top 10 Best Counties To Buy A Vacation Home


Top 10 Best Counties To Buy A Vacation Home

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Your golden years should be filled with relaxation, comfort and nothing more.

Some people even consider moving out of the state and start fresh somewhere else in the country, but for those ones that think the whole process is too difficult or don’t want to leave their hometown at all, I suggest buying a vacation home.

Just hear me out. A vacation home can be your own personal sanctuary, a place where you do nothing but relax. Every time you feel like change of scene you just go to your pad and spend as much time as you would like there.

Plus, you can invite your friends and family there for the holidays, spending some quality time there, changing things a little bit, that sounds quite nice doesn’t it?

I know how difficult it can be to find the perfect place, but we have a list of the best counties where you can purchase your dream escapade.

In North Carolina:

1. Macon County 

This county is the best one for the nature lovers, it’s situated in the Great Smoky Mountains and it’s surrounded by amazing landscapes. Filled with quiet forests and mesmerizing rivers  it is the  perfect place for activities such as rafting, hunting, fishing and HIKING!

2. Alleghany County 

Alleghany County us placed in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains and this is the home of the highlands, farms and cottages. If you always wanted to escape the busy city that you live in and trade it for the farm life now is your chance. Alleghany is awaiting for you.

3. Swain County

Dolly Parton’s fans will love this one because it’s in the close proximity of the Dollywood theme park. But besides that, this is another piece of heaven for the outdoor lovers. Surrounded by mountains, lakes and serenity, you will not regret purchasing a home HERE!

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