11 Worrying Reasons You Should Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership


11 Worrying Reasons You Should Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership

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By now, most people have an Amazon Prime membership, and with a $119 annual fee, you better make the most out of it. But are you? If like many others you bought the membership in order to benefit from free shipping, then there are many things you’re missing out on, and your hard-earned money could be spent elsewhere.

Others have joined specifically to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day, an annual event with thousands of amazing deals on a variety of products.

But if these are your only two reasons behind your membership purchase, then we urge you to reconsider. On our page, we’ve listed the many benefits of Amazon Prime, but if you’re not making the most out of it, then you should think about how else those $119 could serve you instead.

If you’ve been on the fence about canceling your membership, or if you simply aren’t interested in using all of its perks, we’ve put together a list of 11 reasons why you should probably cancel.

$119 is nothing to sneeze at, after all. If you’ve been squeezing this membership into your budget while giving up on other things you might enjoy, then click NEXT to find out more about why you should put that money to better use!

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