7 Guaranteed Ways to Cut Your Cable Bill Right Now


7 Guaranteed Ways to Cut Your Cable Bill Right Now

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A 2020 data report from DecisionData.org has shown that the average household cable package in America costs a whopping $$214.42 a month, meaning that most of us pay around $2,600 a year for cable services. Why is that?

Well, one reason might be because more and more households consider having easy access to favorite shows and movies a need rather than a want. This is also probably why it is considered that cable has become the single priciest household utility in America over the last couple of years. How could we resist? With so much great television out there, it’s no wonder than more and more individuals spend more time in front of the TV.

The number one tip experts will give people who’d like to cut their bills is to contact your cable company and threatened to leave. You’d be surprised by how easily they’ll offer you different deals or even offer to lower your bill outright without changing your package.

That’s because it’s easier and cheaper for companies to satisfy their existing clients in order to make them stay instead of gaining new ones. Once you contact your company they’ll put you in touch with a retention specialist that will work with you in figuring out exactly what you need and how they could provide it.

If you go this route don’t be afraid to tell them outright that you’re thinking of leaving because you can’t continue paying such high bills. Before you know it, they’ll either offer discounts or better packages that fit your needs.

But for those who don’t want to go that far, we’ve also prepared a list of 7 other ways to lower our bill. If the first 6 don’t work, threaten to leave. If, in the end, this doesn’t work in your favor either, we think you should go on with tip number 7!

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