The Most Popular Walmart Purchases by State


The Most Popular Walmart Purchases by State

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What do most Americans have in common? What ties us all together? Other than the obvious love for freedom and bald eagles, of course!

Well, no matter where you live or where you’re from there’s always a Walmart nearby. How could there not be?! With 4,756 stores open across the U.S. as of January 2020, you’d have a hard time not finding a store.

Walmart is known for carrying a wide variety of items from virtually every category you can think of. It would be easy to fill your home with all your needs with just one (very lengthy!) trip there… and a couple of carts. And you probably have your favorite items, right? But have you ever walked down an aisle, looked at an item and thought ‘I wonder who ever buys these things’?

We have, too! Now our curiosities have been answered and Walmart finally provided a list of their most popular items, by state, for the year 2019. Feast your eyes, ladies and gentlemen!

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