12 Worst Grocery Stores in America Based on Prices


12 Worst Grocery Stores in America Based on Prices

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Not all supermarkets are the same. While some might prefer a supermarket because it is closer to their home, others might be influenced by the quality of the merchandise.

But for many Americans, choosing a chain supermarket has become a major headache, because of the long lines, rude employees, unsanitary conditions and poor selection. According to “Consumer Reports”, people have expectations when it comes to big supermarket chains.

People want quality products, short lines, decent prices, and clean stores. But the reality is far from these requirements. In fact, we’ll show you 10 supermarkets that managed to earn the worst reputation, as well as dishonorable mentions.

  1. Giant Eagle – Giant Eagle earned a good ranking for prepared food selections and store cleanliness. Even so, its customers are completely dissatisfied with the competitive pricing and range of organic options.
  2. Lucky – This chain of supermarkets can be found in California. Its score was 73 out of 100, due to its slow checkout speeds, mediocre produce, and poor meat quality.
  3. Martin’s – This mid-Atlantic chain has been consistent in serving its clients since 1925. Even so, they only earned fair ratings for categories like organic options, produce quality, checkout speed, and pricing.
  4. Giant – Although they have some forward-looking features, such as a store app with weekly coupons, it still didn’t manage to win the hearts of its clients.
  5. Jewel-Osco – In matters of competitive pricing and range of organic options, many customers ranked this store as poor. But in all the other 12 categories, the marks are fair to good. So if Jewel-Osco should need adjustment in any way, it should increase the size of the organic section, but keep it cheap.
  6. Pick ‘n Save – If you’re looking for a range of organic options, this store is not going to help you a lot. It ranked as poor in the organic options area and only pulled in fair marks for checkout speed, produce quality, and pricing.
  7. Safeway – This is an example of when popularity isn’t such a great thing.
  8. Acme – If you’re in search of great pricing and organic selection, Acme isn’t the place for you. Because it is so terrible at these key sections, it ranked as No. 5 on the list of the worst grocery chains.
  9. Stop & Shop – Although Stop & Shop has many negative reviews across the board, there are many that still appreciate this chain. While it scored poorly when it came to checkout speed and pricing the organic products, customers were very satisfied with store cleanliness and healthy options that were offered.
  10. Shaw’s – This chain store dates back to 1860 and is still appreciated by the majority of its customers. Apparently, the story got a poor ranking in competitive pricing, product quality, and organic pricing.
  11. Walmart Supercenter – Walmart is by far the nation’s biggest retailer, with $485.9 billion in revenue and 1.5 million associates employed only in the U.S. While in the past they made efforts in diversifying their organic selection, they still managed to get the worst feedback in 12 categories, such as cleanliness, staff courtesy, checkout speed, produce and meat quality, and local produce selection. The only category where the customers showed full satisfaction was the competitive pricing one.
  12. Target: Surprisingly, this store had to suffer in an important Customer Reports category. Apparently, they received at least one complaint from almost 60% of its customers, which is a whopping number. The dissatisfaction might find its roots in Target’s 2017 disclosure that 40 million of its shoppers debit and credit card accounts were stolen. In addition to that, the Consumer Reports weren’t pleased with the quality versus cost at Target. It warned many shoppers from buying cookware, coffee, and salad dressings from Target.

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