9 Good Reasons To Claim Social Security Early


9 Good Reasons To Claim Social Security Early

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If you made any kind of retirement plan at all, it probably includes the income you’ll get from the Social Security Administration as well. The thing is, when it comes to Social Security, you have to think twice before you take any steps forward. The earliest you can start to collect your Social Security income is 62, but if you manage to delay your benefits for a while, you might get some advantages.

The more you wait, the more benefits you’ll have, so the best time for it is at your full retirement age, which is somewhere between 65 and 67. Although anyone might be tempted to wait longer for those benefits, it’s not always the case. We’ll give you 9 reasons why you should collect your Social Security income at the early retirement age of 62, so you can decide later what’s best for you.

  1. You have to consider your end-of-life care – If something happens with you before you receive your Social Security, you won’t get anything anymore. Let’s say you wait until the age of 70 when you can claim the larger monthly benefit. If you pass away before the age of 70, you won’t receive any benefits.
  2. Shorter life expectancy – In case your health is declining and you don’t expect to live by the age of 78, you’ll get way more Social Security benefits during your lifetime if you start claiming sooner.
  3. You might have some debts that need to be paid – Claiming your Social Security earlier can help you reduce any debts you might still have.
  4. You’re not a workforce anymore – Sometimes, the healthier decision for your life is to retire early and to benefit from a smaller monthly Social Security benefit.
  5. You only work part-time – If you still have a part-time job to help make ends meet, taking your Social Security benefits at 62 is the best thing to do.
  6. There’s no one to receive your benefits – If there is no one else in your family to benefit from your Social Security benefits, there’s no point in waiting to claim them. Collect your benefits early and enjoy your life.
  7. You rely on your investments rather than the increased benefit – If you consider investing, don’t hesitate to use your Social Security benefits and invest in something that you believe in!
  8. You wish to start a business – For some, retirement is the perfect time to make their dreams come true. If you wished to start a business for a very long time but you always lacked either the time or the money, using your Social Security benefits could provide enough income for you to achieve your dreams.
  9. You have concerns about your Social Security benefits – There are some seniors that are concerned things might change in the future (and you can’t really blame them). For example, retirement ages might change, as well as the benefits or the taxes on benefits. For those people who are slightly concerned about that, the best decision might be to benefit as soon as possible.

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