11 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Shop at Meijer


11 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Shop at Meijer

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In the region that I live in are only five big grocery stores. There’s a Walmart, an Aldi, a Chief, Meijer, and Kroger. While I went shopping at Meijer for a good amount of time a few years ago, I have a bone to pick with this store.

And just for a quick psychology profile, I am not exactly the Zen-kind of person, but I do like to give people (and stores, apparently) the benefit of the doubt for some time.

So that’s the perspective you’re about to read today: not too much, but not too little. Anyway, let me tell you why I’d rather die than go shopping at Meijer ever again:

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1 thought on “11 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Shop at Meijer”

  1. I was a customer for over 20 years but after getting a service dog, I no longer shop at Meijer. The employees (manger included) are rude to persons with service dogs. They have no concept of the ADA laws regarding service dogs. They are not polite and have an attitude when approaching the customer with a service dog. The greeting from the greeter is : “You can’t bring that dog in here” and the manager and employees greet the customer with a “You have to take the dog outside”. I sent a letter to the corporate office and received no response.
    They need to be educated on the ADA and service dogs and not make up their own policies. Also need to be educated/trained on being polite. My service dog has better manners and behavior than Meijer employees.

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