These 16 States Have The Most Expensive Houses


These 16 States Have The Most Expensive Houses

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14. Oregon

Locals here love their coffee, and at these prices, they better! It’s more than 40% more expensive in Portland, Oregon, than in Portage, Michigan. For example, Y-Bell Ranch is an estate ranch with five bedrooms and 5.1 bathrooms. It can be yours for only $29 million. But your average price on homes would cost $623,494, and that’s in Portland.

13. New Jersey

The Stone Mansion has 30,000 sq feet, 12 bedrooms, and 19 bathrooms. Talk about having ample space. But at $32 million, what can you expect? Even though the average prices in Northern New Jersey are a bargain compared to those across the Hudson River in New York, a four-bedroom house in Bergen County will cost more than three times what it would in Kalamazoo, Michigan, for example.

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