Tax Season 2022: How To File Your Taxes


Tax Season 2022: How To File Your Taxes

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2022 tax season calendar: Dates and deadlines you have to remember: 

  • January 24: The IRS accepts and processes 2021 tax returns.
  • April 18: Deadline to file your 2021 tax return or been request a six-month extension. If you ask for an extension, you’ll still need to pay the taxes you owe, in order to avoid penalties or fees.
  • April 19: The deadline to file your 2021 tax return for taxpayers who are currently living in Maine or Massachusetts.
  • October 17: The deadline to file last year’s tax return if you requested a six-month extension.
  • Check with your state’s tax agency to know when your state taxes are due.

Tax-filling checklist: Important documents you have to gather

  • Form W-2 – This document is provided by your employer, and it shows how much you got paid in 2021, but also how much you withheld in taxes.
  • Form 1098 – This will show exactly how much you paid in interest on a mortgage or a student loan.
  • Form 1099 – This reports your income if you worked as an independent contractor or from unemployment benefits.
  • Letter 6419 – This should come to your aid to track Child Tax Credit payments.
  • Letter 6475 – This is intended to come as help in tracking Economic Impact Payments.

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