7 Smart Ways To Cut Down On Your Health Care Costs


7 Smart Ways To Cut Down On Your Health Care Costs

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  • Check prescription savings websites – You can always try using a site like GoodRx to find the cheapest option for your medication on the market. This website allows a shopper to compare the costs of prescriptions all over pharmacies in the shopper’s area. And because there isn’t any regulation of prescription drug prices, the cost of any given drug can actually differ a lot from one pharmacy to another. According to GoodRx, its customers can save up to 80% on prescriptions.
  • Pay the cash price for prescriptions – There are cases when the cash price for a drug, and by cash price I mean the price a pharmacy charges customers who don’t have insurance, is even lower than any insurance copay. If you’re currently paying a copay for a medication, it’s definitely worth finding out if the cash price is better at your current pharmacy or other pharmacies in the nearby area. For example, Karla Bowsher, the managing editor of Money Talks News, pays out of her pocket for some of her prescriptions, instead of presenting her insurance card and paying the insurance copay. But guess what? This saves her 50% every time.
  • Consider a direct primary care practice – If you could pay the same price every month in order to get access to your doctor as many times as you want, would you? This is the main idea behind direct primary care practices, which you can easily find in various metropolitan areas. Even if you might think I’m joking, these direct primary care practices actually operate on a Netflix subscription model. Basically, you either pay once a month, quarterly or annually, whether or not you decide to use the service. Also, you don’t have to worry about insurance or deductibles. But if you’d pay for it, why not use it?

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