6 Surprising Ways to Send Your IRS Payments in 2022


6 Surprising Ways to Send Your IRS Payments in 2022

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  • Pay by check or money order – If you want to make a conventional payment, you can always make a payable check to the United States Treasury. Just make sure you write down your Social Security number, the tax form number, and the tax year in the memo field on that paper check. Then, send the check alongside Form 1040-V, which is a payment voucher. Don’t staple them together!
  • Pay in person – If you have an active concern and you’re afraid of hacking, fraud, or scams, you can pay at your local IRS office. Make an appointment before going, so you won’t have to wait or come back another time. You can pay by cash, check, or money order, but don’t go for this option if your payment is due tomorrow, because it usually takes a day or two to process payments.
  • Pay with electronic funds withdrawal – If you use a tax preparation software to e-file your return, or if you sign up for the services of a tax professional, you can set up a direct debit from your checking account. Just enter your bank account and routing number, which is available only to taxpayers who e-file.
  • Pay with a bank wire transfer – Banks can also set up a same-day wire transfer to the IRS, even though you don’t see it advertised everywhere. Even so, fees for this service might cost a bit, depending on the size of the payment.

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