10 Pros and Cons Of Paying Online


10 Pros and Cons Of Paying Online

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  • Advantage: Lower interest rates – By picking the right online payment method, you can aim to lower interest rates than payment intermediaries. It might save your business.
  • Disadvantage: You are responsible for any fraud – Although no one wants this to be the case, you should know that many online payment companies hold the trader responsible for any case of fraud. This would mean that you’d have more fees to pay once the matter is all sorted out. So watch out for this.
  • Advantage: You get your money instantly – By picking the right payment company, you won’t be experiencing any delays, being offered almost instant payment and confirmation. This means that you’ll be able to move along with your business, receiving immediate approval of orders and direct payments the moment after a purchase has happened.
  • Disadvantage: Higher interest rates – As a general rule, lower interest rates are an advantage. What you need to know in addition to that, is that some companies will have a higher interest rate than most online banking systems. Unfortunately, to figure out what the company is offering, you have to read carefully that small print.
  • Advantage: Instant receipts – You don’t like printing off receipts? You might be happy to know that many online payment companies will issue an instant receipt immediately after the order has been placed.

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