8 Questionable Trump Businesses


8 Questionable Trump Businesses

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  • The Trump Network – In 2009, Donald Trump purchased a dubious supplements company called Ideal Health (which had a full portfolio of complaints pending when it was bought), put his name on it, and started marketing it as a post-recession opportunity. But the company was a scam on numerous levels, taking customers’ money and giving nothing in return. Even if it offered anything at all, it would only be a couple of tests and the same vitamins you can buy from anywhere else.
  • Trump Steaks – Trump tried his talents in the meat business as well, but failed considerably, gaining an outsized reputation. Although he trademarked the name in the ’90s, he didn’t start selling his steaks until 2007. Naturally, his prices were above the market norm: $200 for four steaks and 12 burgers. After two months, the brand ceased to exist.
  • Trump Model Management – Trump launched a model talent agency in 1999, with a portfolio of foreign and domestic models. The business was successful, but it also faced backlash because of multiple lawsuits and accusations that it broke federal visa laws.
  • Trump Shuttle – Of course, he also had a mini-airline which opened in 1989, arranging flights from New York to Boston and Washington with 20 decades-old jets. Trump called his shuttle service “an absolute diamond”, but it never made money. Trump financed the airline through massive loans, which left him in massive debt.
  • Trump Vodka – Trump smelled an opportunity to defeat the upmarket vodkas like Grey Goose with his own “Fines Super-Premium” vodka. At first, it sold very well, even though it was immensely overpriced compared to other high-end vodkas. But the company tanked when the 2007 financial crisis hit. Lots of lawsuits and unsold products followed, and the company disappeared by 2011.
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