22 Flexible Jobs Where You Can Set Your Own Hours


22 Flexible Jobs Where You Can Set Your Own Hours

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6. Massage Therapist

If you have the skills to be a massage therapist, it’s a great opportunity for you to set your own schedule. Many massage therapists who don’t work full-time are either self-employed or work as contractors at various clinics.

When it comes to self-employed individuals, they can schedule their clients however they see fit, meaning that this job offers a lot of flexibility. On average, Massage therapists earn $38,319 a year according to PayScale.

7. Independent Recruiter

With an average salary annual of $49,315, it’s no wonder many people work as independent recruiters, helping companies find employees. Keep in mind that assignments end once new hires are brought on board, meaning that you’ll work by project.

You can either work on a contract basis or independently.

8. Per Diem or Temp Medical Staff

People with health care skills do not have to commit to grueling full-time hours. Per diem opportunities are plentiful for doctors, nurses, medical assistants, dental assistants, and dental hygienists, among others. You could even look for traveling medical positions.

It’s difficult to say how much money you’ll make, as all these positions pay differently. But some reports have shown that while registered nurses make an average of $65,976 per year, travel nurses can make up to $93,305.

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