15 Things to Sell When You’re Ready to Retire


15 Things to Sell When You’re Ready to Retire

Downsizing home.
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You’ve heard this countless times… downsizing here, downsizing there! Everyone says that seniors should downsize during retirement. Actually, that’s great advice!

Why? Because it’s a great way to cut down expenses and stay within your retirement savings without budgeting for the entirety of your golden years. This, of course, includes selling your much bigger family home in favor of a smaller, cozier nest egg.

But it doesn’t stop there! Downsizing can also mean clearing out clutter! The more you can sell, the more funds you’ll be able to add to your retirement income, meaning that your nest egg will be bigger without the need to relocate.

Today we’re going to go through 15 things you should get rid of before you retire! Click through for great ideas from retiree supersavers!

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5 thoughts on “15 Things to Sell When You’re Ready to Retire”

  1. Sheila Beard Douglas

    I have old record albums from the ’40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Where can I find out their value, and where can I sell them?

    1. Unless they are in VERY good condition, i.e. not played, let alone played to death like I know my albums were, the value is very little. Find an independent record store in your area (bingoole it) and ask them, bring them a list.

  2. Not very impressed with this article. Author seems to think we all move into a 500 square foot apartment. The last thing I will be getting rid of is my musical instruments and favorite old music, my treadmill, my gardening equipment, etc. Why not just write an article titled “how to host an estate sale and sell off everything you own.”

  3. Luanne – I tend to agree with you. This article should read what to sell when you have to move into assisted living….

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