NEVER Buy These 10 Things From Amazon (Here’s Why)


NEVER Buy These 10 Things From Amazon (Here’s Why)

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There are very few items you won’t find on Amazon nowadays. So, when you’re planning on doing all your shopping online you might think this behemoth of a retailer is your best bet for both high quality and low prices.

While this may be true for certain items such as books or sales made with the company’s partners, there are certain listings that you should steer clear of!

There’s also no denying that the simplicity of online shopping might be very attractive to the vast majority of people, but for certain purchases, it’s better to stick to brick-and-mortar shops.

Here’s our list of 10 things you should never buy from Amazon and why!

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5 thoughts on “NEVER Buy These 10 Things From Amazon (Here’s Why)”

  1. I disagree with you about the dog food. My dog needs a specific type of dry food. It’s from Science Diet. I can only get it at either of 2 pet stores near me. Big box and local grocery don’t carry that particular one. I found it $10 cheaper on Amazon. When I signed up for auto ship I saved another $5! My advice to everyone is basically what many do already, know the prices of the things you want and shop around.

    1. Be careful with science diet, some are very bad for your dog, check if it has BHT or BHA they are cancer causing and have been found in many dog foods.

  2. I was going to buy a cordless Dyson vacuum from Amazon until I discovered it was $100 less if I bought it right from the manufacturer with a free gift and free shipping. So I bought it from the manufacturer.

  3. I purchased Etekcity Digital Body Weight scale April 2019. I used it 43 times ( i weighted myself each time) and it stopped working. Ichanged the batteries and no such luck. This was Nov 2020. An email to the company was sent and they asked me to send a video of it not working. I’m a senior. I just gave $21.00 away. I also purchased in the same order Amazon Cross-Cut Shredder. You can only have the paper go backwards but not shred forward. I refuse to purchase any electronics from Amazon again. It cost shipping to return the items to Amazon or a 3rd party seller,

  4. About three years ago I purchased some bras (from a well known brand) that Amazon was selling. I came to find that
    they were imitations and were not made out of the quality material that I was used to. Friends of mine have noted
    to me that in this case “imitation is a fake”. I buy a lot from Amazon….but not clothes, shoes, or underwear. Also…when
    you look at the displays of candy….they look very large for the good prices….but they are tiny…and the sizes are not
    posted. Maybe it’s time for Amazon to REALLY start doing MORE quality control.

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