20 Items You Should Never Buy From Target


20 Items You Should Never Buy From Target

9. Items From Bullseye’s Playground

Bullseye-s playground.
Photo by melissamn – Shutterstock.com

The Bullseye’s Playground is that nifty section at the front of target stores where you can find a lot of different stuff for really cheap. Most of them will cost around $1 and they’re great for entertaining kids during longer shopping trips.

The thing is you pay for what you get, so if something catches your eye and costs as much as $5 then you’re better off skipping it. You can find the same type of item elsewhere in the store that will be sturdier and better made. Or if you really need it, you can look for that same item elsewhere. Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s worth it!

This next one will only dry up your bank account…..

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