Things to Avoid at the Dollar Store


Things to Avoid at the Dollar Store

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Finding a good bargain at a regular supermarket may seem like finding a needle in a haystack. But if you regularly shop from dollar stores you know you’ll always find great deals…

Or will you?

Dollar stores are particularly good for affordable wares such as storage containers, party supplies, reading glasses, and hair accessories. In fact, we’ve already provided a great list of things you should buy from dollar stores right here!

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That’s why today we decided to sound the alarm bells! This list is all about items you should never buy from dollar stores- some of them can be downright dangerous. Click through to find out more.

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2 thoughts on “Things to Avoid at the Dollar Store”

  1. Well, it’s obvious you folks writing this article are pretty well off! Like, go to some other place, clip coupons, etc. Well, what you don’t understand is maybe you only got a buck and no way to get across town to a “better deal” or maybe you don’t have a paper to clip coupons anyway! I know you make a living by pointing out awful mistakes people make by shopping at where ever, but it’s better buying something there than getting mugged on a bus to a better deal. Also some of us like cheap stuff. If I knew you and you were sick I would go to the Buck store and buy you a get-well card for 50 cents. I would feel I did my duty and I’m sure you throw all your cards, especially some cards, away immediately so we both would be happy, and yes you could drive me across town in your new SUV to buy a really good hammer! I’m sure you do that all the time for folks like me just there to buy a cheap bar of soap!

  2. Lillian Aguilera

    Thank you for the info — I will pass it on to my daughter who shops at dollar stores
    for many items — I am aware of less than adequate sizes and products !
    I appreciate the low cost of a few items though !

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