14 Things Financially Astute People Never Do


14 Things Financially Astute People Never Do

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Don’t pay for TV Channels and video games

Although it might be an extremely relaxing and pleasant combo between you, the couch and the TV screen, it can also tend to be a bit time-consuming. That is why TV subscriptions and video games are not on the top priority activities of financially stable people. When it comes to managing their free time, they’d rather spend it on other activities that are much more productive.

According to Thomas Corley, the author of “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits Of Wealthy Individuals”, rich people spend their time on TV less than one hour a day.

Studies also have shown that most of the devices are bought by people with lower incomes, rather than the ones with a high income. Anyway, who wants to spend their money on TV subscriptions when you’ve got so much work to do?

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1 thought on “14 Things Financially Astute People Never Do”

  1. Buying brand new cars is OK as long as you keep long enough to use them up.
    Buy cars too frequently (new or used) is what is not financially astute

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