14 Things Financially Astute People Never Do


14 Things Financially Astute People Never Do

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Don’t buy brand new cars

It is very well known that purchasing a new car is in the top 5 things one’s mind wonder when it comes to financial security. You might think “If I am about to buy a car, at least it should be a new one”, but here’s the fact you didn’t know: the minute you drive it off the lot, its value starts depreciating.

It is maybe one of the worst decisions one can take in terms of investments and after a little while, it’s just not worthy anymore.

Instead of buying brand new cars, financially astute people choose to buy an older one, that works just as fine.

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1 thought on “14 Things Financially Astute People Never Do”

  1. Buying brand new cars is OK as long as you keep long enough to use them up.
    Buy cars too frequently (new or used) is what is not financially astute

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