15 Things to Sell When You’re Ready to Retire


15 Things to Sell When You’re Ready to Retire

Your Home

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First thing’s first- your home! No, we’re not suggesting you start living like a nomad… though, come to think about it, that would make for an interesting retirement.

Jokes aside, it’s probably time to say goodbye to your home, especially if it’s too big to maintain on a retirement budget. We know a lot of seniors feel a strong attachment to their homes, but before making your mind up about never selling, consider the alternatives!

You might want to relocate to a different city or even state, particularly tax-friendly states with great healthcare. If you do this, you’ll have two options. You can either buy a smaller home or rent, meaning that the leftover money can go towards other retirement needs.

Additionally, you’ll need to allocate even less time when caring for your home if you downsize!

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5 thoughts on “15 Things to Sell When You’re Ready to Retire”

  1. Sheila Beard Douglas

    I have old record albums from the ’40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Where can I find out their value, and where can I sell them?

    1. Unless they are in VERY good condition, i.e. not played, let alone played to death like I know my albums were, the value is very little. Find an independent record store in your area (bingoole it) and ask them, bring them a list.

  2. Not very impressed with this article. Author seems to think we all move into a 500 square foot apartment. The last thing I will be getting rid of is my musical instruments and favorite old music, my treadmill, my gardening equipment, etc. Why not just write an article titled “how to host an estate sale and sell off everything you own.”

  3. Luanne – I tend to agree with you. This article should read what to sell when you have to move into assisted living….

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