10 Things First Time Home Sellers Need to Know


10 Things First Time Home Sellers Need to Know

Home Staging Boosts Selling Power and Appeal

Home staging.
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Though you may be in love with your home just as it is, keep in mind that home staging can significantly boost the appeal. For example, did you know that most sellers prefer a home with half of the furniture removed? 

No, that doesn’t mean your place is cluttered, it just means that buyers prefer to envision their own furniture and decorations in the new space. Having too much to look at can muddy their perspective. 

The bottom line is this: if a buyer is wondering if anyone lives there at all, then you’re doing a good job. 

Your agent will know all the ins and outs of home staging and they’ll be able to guide you towards making your home as appealing as possible. But the single most important thing you can do? Slap on a fresh coat of paint and just watch as old walls become rejuvenated. 

Your home should not reflect deferred maintenance, and this is the most efficient way of making it appear looked after and loved. 

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