10 Things First Time Home Sellers Need to Know


10 Things First Time Home Sellers Need to Know

Ask About Your Agent’s Standard Real Estate Commission

Real estate comission.
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So many people want to wiggle their way out of paying an agent’s standard real estate commission, they might even attempt to sell their property on their own. Sure, you could do so, but you might be doing it at a loss, even without the extra payments. Is that really something you feel is necessary? 

Others try to pin agents against one another to compete for commission, but you’ll likely attract more weasels than serious professionals if you do so- remember, real life isn’t a movie! 

Ask about your agent’s commission and understand that you’re paying for years of training, knowledge, and industry ins and outs. Look at your agent’s track record, performance and don’t expect a discount, though some believe that it doesn’t hurt to ask for one. 

Remember, you’re not just paying your agent to value and spruce up your home, they’re supposed to take you to the finish line, all the way to closing. 

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