The 25 Most Stressful Jobs in America


The 25 Most Stressful Jobs in America

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There is no doubt that every job comes with a level of stress, and everyone deals with stress differently. But there are certain careers that take the cake and are off the charts.

From prison guards to paramedics, we’ve decided to list the top 25 most stressful jobs in America (in no particular order). There are different factors that have been considered such as exposure to hazardous conditions, time pressures, time spent dealing with aggressive and unpleasant individuals, and the consequences of making an error. All of these, separate or combined can really grind a person down!

If you know anyone who is working in these fields try to cheer them up with a hug sometimes, give them a pat on the back or generally cut them some slack- they might need it more than you could ever imagine.

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