11 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Shop at Meijer


11 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Shop at Meijer

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  • The greeter – They have this one greeter, which is an automaton. What I’m trying to say is that she always says the exact same thing, in the same tone, every time. When I enter the store, she greets me with her best robot voice: “Welcome to Meijer.” When I leave, I hear “Have a nice day, thank you for shopping at Meijer.”
  • Their shopping carts – I don’t know if you ever noticed, but now you definitely will. Their shopping carts have really squeaky wheels!
  • Their meat department – So, the people that work in the meat department apparently miss a very important aspect. Every time and I mean EVERY TIME, they stack the meat above the cooling line in their meat coolers. Even if you pull the Karen mode and you want to speak to somebody about it or even call the health department, nothing changes. The meat is still there.
  • Advertised items that aren’t really there – So this happened to me a couple of times and while at first, I found it actually funny, it slowly started to get on my nerves. Meijer advertises some products that I might like, and when I go there to buy them, they aren’t stocked anymore. There isn’t a week where we don’t go and ask someone for a sale item or ask them to do a rain check.
  • Fish that’s on sale, but it’s nowhere to be found – So Meijer has fish that sometimes is on sale, but it’s never in the stock. I don’t really get it, either. And it happens almost EVERY week.
  • Their deli clerks – When I visit their deli section, their deli folks are standing fifteen feet away and keep on asking me: “Can I help you? How can I help you?” Meanwhile, I’m just standing there for more than 10 minutes waiting for them to finish washing their dishes. I don’t know, man, they just give me mixed signals!

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1 thought on “11 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Shop at Meijer”

  1. I was a customer for over 20 years but after getting a service dog, I no longer shop at Meijer. The employees (manger included) are rude to persons with service dogs. They have no concept of the ADA laws regarding service dogs. They are not polite and have an attitude when approaching the customer with a service dog. The greeting from the greeter is : “You can’t bring that dog in here” and the manager and employees greet the customer with a “You have to take the dog outside”. I sent a letter to the corporate office and received no response.
    They need to be educated on the ADA and service dogs and not make up their own policies. Also need to be educated/trained on being polite. My service dog has better manners and behavior than Meijer employees.

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