22 Things in Your House Right Now That Could Be Worth a Fortune


22 Things in Your House Right Now That Could Be Worth a Fortune


Vintage Paris postcard.
Photo by Delpixel – Shutterstock.com

Most single postcards could sell for $2, which isn’t really anything to write home about. Collectors, however, are looking for age, rarity, condition and subject matter. Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles are known favorites as well as those who feature social history, transportation, or street scenes.

Postal markings and postage stamps can also bump the value of old postcards up, but if you’ve got a signed postcard, or if yours has a message with a historical significance, you might be looking at something exceedingly rare and, you guessed it, super expensive!

Just remember, the right combination of factors could make postcards worth a lot more than a meager $2!

TV Guides

Now, TV guides do fall into the ephemera category we discussed earlier, but we thought we’d make a completely separate category just for them for two different reasons. Firstly, those who collect these are typically interested in the cover subject matter and… not much else, really.

Secondly, superfans of certain celebrities that love collecting anything and everything revolving around their subject of interest are more likely to search for TV Guides than other collectors. Take Elvis Presley fans, who are willing to pay $36 for a 1983 issue of TV Guide featuring Elvis Presley on the cover.

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