Cut Your Costco Bill With These 16 Smart Tips


Cut Your Costco Bill With These 16 Smart Tips

9. Use the Costco App

Costco app.
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You can graduate from shopping online to using the nifty little Costco app. On top of using the coupon websites we mentioned earlier, make sure to supplement those by checking out exclusive deals from the app- just make sure they actually line up with your shopping list.

Once you finish shopping, show the cashier your smartphone and watch as your total shrinks. With all of this in your back pocket, there’s no excuse for you to overspend!

10. Buy Meat in Bulk

Costco meats.
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Buying meat in bulk is the cleverest way of saving money on food at Costco. And you really shouldn’t be worried about all of it spoiling, since you can portion it and then store it safely in your freezer.

This will also make your subsequent shopping trips a lot cheaper since you’ll cross a major expense off your list. The meat will last a while and so will your money, all while taking care of your carefully crafted budgeting plans.

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