Cut Your Costco Bill With These 16 Smart Tips


Cut Your Costco Bill With These 16 Smart Tips

11. Get the Costco Credit Card

Costco credit card.
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Frequent shoppers who use a credit card would do well to get themselves the Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi. Apart from smart shopping techniques and hunting down deals and coupon codes, this is the easiest way to make the most of your shopping experience.

You’ll find that your credit card will offer you perks beyond the discount retailer, but the most important benefit is the 2% cashback on all purchases from Costco and

Can’t beat that!

12. Use Your Costco Credit Card at the Pump

Costco pump.
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Now that you’ve acquired a fancy new Costco credit card, it’s time to put it to even further good use. By using it at the Costco pump as well as eligible stations worldwide, you can benefit from 4% cashback.

This 4% only lasts up to $7,000 worth of gas per year, after which you’ll only get 1%, but it’s still a pretty sweet deal all things considered. Nothing better than saving on money and on gas on your way back home with your trunk full of your favorite groceries.

13. Don’t Shop Alone

Costco shopping.
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Shopping with a friend could easily save you tens of dollars, especially if you make a game out of it.

Alright, so it goes like this. the next time you want to go out shopping, call your friend and make a day out of it. Both of you should tell the other about how much you want to save and share your shopping lists.

The one that’s most diligent wins! The other one buys them lunch at the food court. All jokes aside, this is a great way to stay accountable and not step astray.

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