Target Vs. Costco: Which One Is Cheaper?


Target Vs. Costco: Which One Is Cheaper?

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If you’re a regular at Target for any other baby essentials, you can rest assured that their prices are better than Costco’s for their store-brand diapers and wipes. Many moms out there are VERY pleased with the Up&Up diapers. So in this case, the winner is Target’s Up&Up size 4 diapers, where you pay $28.99 for 192 pieces.

Baby Wipes

When it comes to baby wipes, both brands are extremely similar, but you’ll save 50 cents on every 100 wipes if you go for the Up&Up brand. Target’s Up&Up Unscented Baby Wipes with Aloe is $13.49, where you’ll pay $1,70 per 100 wipes.

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