Top 5 Priciest Grocery Stores In America


Top 5 Priciest Grocery Stores In America

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Trader Joe’s

We’ve managed to find out a little tip from Business Insider, that apparently, the company keeps its prices this low by selling its own private label products, instead of just closing deals with name brands. This way, Trader Joe’s locks a big portion of the market.

As far as we know, Trader Joe’s deal is to buy their products from suppliers and then invest in their own style of production that customers will only find in their stores. In my opinion, this is a very smart move. Even more, customers are oftentimes willing to wait in long lines just to get that special something from the store.

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  1. Another hurray for WINCO:

    Besides being intimidatingly large, it has an awesome Bulk Food section that keeps us coming back time after time. It’s our preferred place to shop, even though we have to drive over an hour to get there.

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