Top 5 Priciest Grocery Stores In America


Top 5 Priciest Grocery Stores In America

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Acme is by far one of the most expensive stores on this list. Philadelphia Magazine classifies Acme as the most expensive store in the entire Philadelphia area. They are even pricier than Whole Foods, even if many would be tempted to believe that the latter is the most expensive option.

In fact, according to the Consumer Checkbook, Acme’s prices are 12% higher, compared to 12 other popular grocery stores. There are many reasons why, including the fact that they have 163 total locations, which is extremely low compared to other chains. They also have to pay for their pharmacy costs, and, above all that, they’re also unionized.

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  1. Another hurray for WINCO:

    Besides being intimidatingly large, it has an awesome Bulk Food section that keeps us coming back time after time. It’s our preferred place to shop, even though we have to drive over an hour to get there.

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