Top 5 Priciest Grocery Stores In America


Top 5 Priciest Grocery Stores In America

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Harris Teeter

Many people rely on this southern grocery chain when it comes to shopping. But if you want to avoid going to places that cost a lot, you might want to avoid this chain. According to the Charlotte Observer, this store is now owned by Kroger and competes directly with Publix.

If you didn’t read into it already, this will only tell you that they aren’t offering rock bottom prices like other supermarket chains.

However, they cut the price of organic and perishable goods. They only attract customers that prefer Fresh Market and Whole Foods, as they would typically purchase these products from their stores.

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  1. Another hurray for WINCO:

    Besides being intimidatingly large, it has an awesome Bulk Food section that keeps us coming back time after time. It’s our preferred place to shop, even though we have to drive over an hour to get there.

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