Women in Finance That Everyone Should Aspire to Be Like


Women in Finance That Everyone Should Aspire to Be Like

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Penny Pennington, Managing Partner of Edward Jones

The managing partner of the biggest financial investment firms in the U.S. as of January 1, 2019, Penny Pennington, has used her position of power in the world of finance to champion social issues such as women’s rights and diversity.

In her first year as a managing partner, Pennington saw her salary jump by 25% from $11.7 million to $14.7 million.

Why? Well, being the senior executive sponsor for the Edward Jones LGBTA Business Resource Group, coupled with her other career and financial achievements might have something to do with it. Not only that, she is also a co-chair of the Forest Park Forever 2019 Women’s

Committee and 29th Annual Hat Luncheon, while also serving on the boards of Shakespeare Festival St. Louis; United Way of Greater St. Louis, the Whitaker Foundation, and Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

She is also known as the only woman to lead a major US brokerage firm!

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