Women Outnumber Men in These 22 Jobs- but How Are They Paid?


Women Outnumber Men in These 22 Jobs- but How Are They Paid?

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Women who work full time jobs earn just 82% of what men do- this is what we know as the gender wage gap, a well documented phenomenon in the U.S., though many try to disprove these findings.

But does that mean women have to simply settle for less? Absolutely not. No matter what profession, trying to find out the gap in wages between them and their male counterparts is the first step. The second one is negotiating a better salary.

But when that isn’t an option, and in many cases it isn’t, women can find better paying jobs, such as those in fields dominated by women. That’s where they might have more negotiating power.

Today, whether you’re interested in doing this or are just curious as to which jobs pay women better, we’ve decided to look at 22 high paying professions where women outnumber men!

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