Women in Finance That Everyone Should Aspire to Be Like


Women in Finance That Everyone Should Aspire to Be Like

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Stacey Watson, SVP at Fidelity Investments

Stacey Watson, the brains behind the rehabilitation of the Harley-Davidson brand is known as a hero and an inspiration for all women who want to get into finance. After pulling the company out of a particularly difficult time, she moved on to bigger and greater things by joining Fidelity.

But the most surprising thing about Watson? She studied comedy as the Second City and Improv in Boston- so she’s not just business-smart, she also has a great sense of humor.

Teresa Rasmussen, President and CEO of Thrivent

Thrivent is known as America’s most ethical big firm. It is also known as a fortune 500 financial services company with more than $162 billion in assets under management. And the president and CEO or Thrivent? Teresa Rasmussen, who is currently overseeing a transition to a specialty in “holistic” financial services.

Before reaching the very top of the company, she worked as general counsel and secretary, vice president and president of Thrivent’s core life, health and annuities business.

Which one of these ladies has inspired you the most? What do you hope to learn from their accomplishments? Let’s start a discussion about women in finance in the comments down below, we can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

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