12 Products From Trader Joe’s That You Should Avoid


12 Products From Trader Joe’s That You Should Avoid

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Thai Shrimp Gyoza

Somebody seriously had the audacity of branding this product as Thai. For $4.99 you’ll be getting the blandest shrimp gyoza known to man. The lemongrass taste? Nonexistent! There’s no heat, no flavor, no nothing.

We think it’s just a silly excuse to put out an exotic-sounding meal without putting in the effort to actually make a decent exotic meal! 

This one hurts the most because we know not every household can quickly whip up some shrimp gyoza at home and call it a day. So you might feel inclined to purchase this item instead. It’s far from ideal, stay away from it!

The only plane you should be taking is one away from this last item…..

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3 thoughts on “12 Products From Trader Joe’s That You Should Avoid”

  1. Marilyn J Marczynski

    Good to know on all counts. I know it really irks me when I see something that looks to delicious, you buy it, get it home and OMG what happened, False advertising for sure. Nice to know someone out their is watching out for us. Thanks

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