12 Products From Trader Joe’s That You Should Avoid


12 Products From Trader Joe’s That You Should Avoid

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Organic Watermelon Jerky

Picture this. It’s a warm summer day. You’re basking in the sun. In front of you, a juicy watermelon you can’t wait to sink your teeth into to quench your thirst and cool off.

Now strip away all that juicy goodness and you’re left with Trade Joe’s Organic Watermelon Jerky. Selling for $3.69, this item reduces watermelons to leathery strips.

You may be lured in by the ‘organic’ label, but even then we don’t think this is worth it! If you want to eat healthily, just stick to a regular watermelon.

Next, snack attack? Only your wallet…..

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3 thoughts on “12 Products From Trader Joe’s That You Should Avoid”

  1. Marilyn J Marczynski

    Good to know on all counts. I know it really irks me when I see something that looks to delicious, you buy it, get it home and OMG what happened, False advertising for sure. Nice to know someone out their is watching out for us. Thanks

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