12 Products From Trader Joe’s That You Should Avoid


12 Products From Trader Joe’s That You Should Avoid

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Plain Bagels

TJ’s plain bagels aren’t bad, but we still think you should spend your money elsewhere, even if we’re talking about just $2.69.

The only time you should buy these is if you’re confident you and your family will eat them all instantly. Since they don’t contain any preservatives, they will go bad at record-breaking speed. If you’re not a fan of rock-hard bagels, which we think you aren’t, don’t buy these!

Ald, listen, we’re not saying that adding preservatives is a must! They’re meant to make your food last longer, which is always a plus. But in this case, if you’re not eating these bagels immediately, they’re not worth it. 

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3 thoughts on “12 Products From Trader Joe’s That You Should Avoid”

  1. Marilyn J Marczynski

    Good to know on all counts. I know it really irks me when I see something that looks to delicious, you buy it, get it home and OMG what happened, False advertising for sure. Nice to know someone out their is watching out for us. Thanks

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